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Our Stories

Experience the history and breathe in nature at Ise

Our resort name “Saiounomiya” comes from the Saio system. Now, let’s take a look at these classic representations and head for such a trip to Ise rich with history.

Saio tour

Saiou Stroll around the Saigu remains
Half-day route- approx. 4km

The Saio system ended about 700 years ago during the reign of Emperor Go-Daigo.
The Saiku remains are as large as 2km from the east to the west and 700m from the north to the south. Most of the ancient architecture still lies underground nowadays.
Stroll around at the vast Saiku remains and experience its rich history.

Approx. 30-min drive from our resort

Saiku Historical Museum

Saio tour 01Saiku Historical Museum

Approx. 30-min drive from our resort

The museum was opened in 1989 and a large renovation was completed in the fall of 1999. It comes with two themes- “understand Saio from words”, and “understand Saio from objects”. Weave a visit and learn more about Saio from the exhibitions and presentations of the newest research and studies!

Itsukinomiya Hall for Historical Experience

Saio tour 02Itsukinomiya Hall for Historical Experience

Approx. 30-min drive from our resort

With interactive learning courses for visitors to experience the history and culture of the Heian period when the Saio system reached its flowery peak. There are also guided tours of the Saiku remains. Pay a visit and experience the historical stories here!

Tsukayama tumulus no. 1- 3 (Tsukayama Tumulus)

Saio tour 03Tsukayama tumulus no. 1- 3 (Tsukayama Tumulus)

Approx. 30-min drive from our resort

During the Kofun period (before the Saio period), a cluster of small tumuli was built near the museum. Tumulus No. 1 is right in front of the museum, No. 2 is to the southeast, and No. 3 is in the woods across the museum path.

The Saio Forest

Saio tour 04The Saio Forest

Approx. 30-min drive from our resort

The forest is located at the center and near the northern area of this historic site, it’s much cherished as it's commonly believed that the Saio palace was once built there. Excavation results later proved that it was in fact in the northwest. In the forest, there is a stone monument of the Saio Palace and a black torii gate made of cedar. The shrine office currently manages the spot.

Saigu Remains Historical Romance Plaza

Saio tour 05Saigu Remains Historical Romance Plaza

Approx. 30-min drive from our resort

This park is a 1/10 scale version of the historic Saiku remains for visitors to experience the great presence of the site as if they are giants. In the east are the recreations of a part of the palace, some architectures, and land management around the end of the Nara period.

Monument of Saio palace

Saio tour 06Monument of Saio palace

Approx. 30-min drive from our resort

Just 400m south of the Saio Forest is a monument to Saio Palace. The name of the area where the monument was built was “Mitachi”. It’s an interesting name because the monument is right at the remains of the palace.

Takejinja (The Bamboo Shrine)

Saio tour 07Takejinja (The Bamboo Shrine)

Approx. 30-min drive from our resort

The current location of the Bamboo Shrine was once named “Nonomiya” until the former shrine was enshrined in 1901. People also believe that there was once a Saio palace. The ema (picture horse) of the Emaden ritual (repealed at the end of the Meiji period) invented by the Kanze Noh school is stored at the shrine. Excavation works also proved that it was once stored in the inner shrine.

Hakkyakumon Remains

Saio tour 08Hakkyakumon Remains

Approx. 30-min drive from our resort

In the winter of 1993, an eight-legged gate from the early Heian period was found southwest of the site. This is the only eight-legged gate that has ever been discovered at the Saiku remains. This was a groundbreaking discovery in the history of the Saiku remains excavation project since it revealed that there were seven rows of land from east to west, and the southern boundary of the land has become clearer since then.

Saio Gunko (parade) experience

Saiou A trip to encounter historical romance
Driving here from the Kansai region

Saio Gunko refers to the Saio parade team set off after the inauguration ceremony.
The Saio usually travels in a litter called “Sokaren”.
The journey goes from Kyoto to Ise and the team is made up of a huge number of government officials and maids.
The large marching team together with the audiences all along the journey made the event great.
The celebration of culture from ancient times is a precious chance to get to know more about Saio.

Approx. 30-min drive from our resort

Tarumi Saio Tongu Remains

Saio Gunko experience 01Tarumi Saio Tongu Remains

Approx. 1 hr 15-min drive from our resort

The designated national historic site was one of the lodging facilities for the Saio marching team in the past while the remains of its levees and wells still exist today. It’s also the setting for Yasuo Uchida's novel “The Funeral Procession of Saio”.
The site is right at the exit of the Koka Tsuchiyama Interchange.

Akasaka Tongu Remains

Saio Gunko experience 02Akasaka Tongu Remains

Approx. 1-hr drive from our resort

It’s believed that in 740 AD, Emperor Shomu visited Ise on November 4th and stayed in this area until the 23rd after passing through the Kawaguchi Imperial Palace and Isshi District. The historical site is now renovated as a park with a stone monument and vibrant descriptions of the Saio marching team.

The Forgotten Well (Miyako area & Kume area)

Saio Gunko experience 03The Forgotten Well (Miyako area & Kume area)

Approx. 40-min drive from our resort

A monument was preserved for the well where the maids of the Saio marching team looked at the reflection of their faces to forget their sweet memories in Kyoto while reciting the lines “Look at the water in the well, our lovely hometown Kyoto we farewell”. There are multiple interpretations of the historical story so there are two wells- one in Miyako and one in Kume).

Rikyuin Remains

Saio Gunko experience 04Rikyuin Remains

Approx. 20-min drive from our resort

The remains of the detached palace of the Ise Grand Shrine. It’s commonly believed that the Saio team used to stay in here when it headed to Ise three times a year. The Saio palace is called “Saiku” while as Rikyuin is located geographically distant from the Ise Grand Shrine, it was once occupied by the Saio (and her team) as the Imperial Palace. Later when the Saio system was abandoned, Rikyuin also stopped functioning as the intermediate residence. Nowadays, it is loved as a recreational park with spacious lawns and other areas for leisure purposes.

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