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A grand luxury resort to experience historical romance at Ise

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ProloguePeep at the romantic stories of the gorgeous princesses
in the Kingdom of Ise

Our resort is themed “Saio”-
the female members of the Imperial Family sent to Ise to serve at Ise Grand Shrine in ancient Japan.
“Saiounomiya” is the gorgeous palace of the Saios revealing their luxurious worldview.
Here in our resorts, our guests are Saios back then in the ancient romance,
Deep in the mysterious woods of Ise.
Set the stage for a truly memorable experience here.


CuisineCreative Japanese cuisine-
The contemporary twist with modern essence
on the elegant classics of the Heian Period

Proudly presented by our chefs,
who honed their inventive style of cooking,
Fabulous cuisine made with quality Ise-Shima local ingredients.
The culinary odyssey is especially loved by female guests.

Cuisine Cuisine

Rooms & SuitesLuxuriate in the imperial culture
and be embraced by its fragrance

We have three nice room & suite options-
All come with a private open-air hot spring and
canopy beds.
Let your body, soul, and spirit be soothed here.

Our StoriesExperience history and
The breath of nature
Here at Ise.

Let’s take a look at the Saio system in ancient Japan, which’s the origin of our resort name.
Are you ready to peep at the history of Ise?

Experience history and The breath of nature Here at Ise.

SightseeingSee and do

Besides the Ise Grand Shrine, there are countless tourist hotspots in the Ise-Shima region.
Explore Ise to get to know its history, culture,
along with the enjoyment it offers.

See and do

ExperienceCheck into a world of elaborations…
You are invited to travel back to the ancient times
In a soothing and elegant resort

Modern representations of the Saio period,
A heart-warming retreat into your private sanctuary.
Traditional crafts, Ise katagami paper stencils, and various patterns from the Heian period…
Here, every moment of your stay is a thoughtfully curated experience.
Are you ready for an elegant time travel?


Discover the soothing extraordinary world
Have a taste of the Heian elegance within

For you to see the world in a new light,
We have a huge number of Saio programs
to push the boundaries of your imagination.
Accommodating guests all have exclusive rights to join.

Kai-awase (ancient Japanese game with shells)

Kai-awase (ancient Japanese game with shells)

Sugoroku (“double-six”, Japanese board game)

Sugoroku (“double-six”, Japanese board game)

Ise papercraft

Ise papercraft

Junihitoe (Heian period formal court dress)

Junihitoe (Heian period formal court dress)

Photo shoot experience in traditional “junihitoe” (Saio’s formal court dress)
Create a mini photo album as your precious memory (with a charge, by reservation only)

Junihitoe (Heian period formal court dress)

Facilities & services
To color the memories of your trip

All guest rooms and suites come with their own open-air baths and canopy beds.
For your utmost luxurious and extraordinary vacation experience.
Meals are served at our restaurant.
Come and enjoy true, real relaxation at the beauty salon "Moon Pearl Spa".

Limited Lounge (Within Sen-no-Mori Facilities)

Limited Lounge
(Within Sen-no-Mori Facilities)

Target Rooms: Suite Room, Comfort Room, Universal Room

A luxurious lounge with a Japanese taste is now open. How about enjoying tea time after check-in and a nightcap after dinner?
Opening Hours: 15:00 - 21:30, Next day 7:30 - 9:30

We provide a dedicated card to guests staying in the specified rooms.
Admission is not permitted for minors.

Fitness Gym (Within Sen-no-Mori Facilities)

Fitness Gym
(Within Sen-no-Mori Facilities)

A fitness gym opened in the Sen-no-Mori building in December 2023. Please bring your own workout attire and shoes.
We offer a wide range of equipment including treadmills and recumbent bikes.
There is also a mirrored space available for yoga practice.
Opening Hours: AM 7:00 - 10:00, PM 14:00 - 22:00

Children under 12 years old are not allowed to use the facilities.

Our LocationGetting here

Approx. 1hr & 30mins from Nagoya by public transport.
Approx. 7km from the closest railway station (Kintetsu Ujiyamada Station)
We also have a shuttle bus service (by reservation only)
We also send our guests to Ujiyamada Station and Ise Grand Shrine (Naiku/inner shrine, Geku/outer shrine).

  • Approx. 1hr & 45mins drive from Nagoya
  • Approx. 1hr & 30mins from Nagoya by public transport
  • Approx. 2hrs & 10mins from Central Japan International Airport by public transport
  • Approx. 2hrs from Osaka by public transport
  • Approx. 3hrs & 10mins from Tokyo Haneda International Airport by public transport
  • Approx. 4hrs & 30mins from Tokyo by public transport
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