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A dream Japanese-style hotel
where have a romance
under the Heian dynasty in Ise.

We promise you will see
a different
world like dream.
This is the rare
Japanese-style hotel for

Saio was an Imperial princess who served Amaterasu-omikami(The sun goddess) in Ise Jingu.
Saiku was onece dwlling place of the Saio. It was called a phantom plase.
We reproduced these gorgeous senses of culture under the dynasty. That is Saio-no-Miya.
You will be the Saio and enjoy feeling like a mysterious and gorgeous time travel here in Saio-no-Miya.
Plese enjoy your stay in luxury.

You can experience stories of beatutiful princess
that have come down in Ise.

Takeing a commemorative photo wear
which is a layered kimono worn by a Japanese court lady on a ceremonial occasion.
We give you an album for your photo.
Our “Junihitoe” is an original designed influenced by the geometrical patterns of Saio-no-Miya,
and crafted by Kyoto craft masters.
Let our friendly staff pamper and guide you in fitting our “Junihitoe”.

・Visit our front desk at the first floor to reserve your turn
・A turn is worth 1,500 yen per person
・Only our guests may join the event



Relax, unwind, and feel
the Heian dynasty culture.

We have various types of guest rooms with private open-air bath and canopy beds.
Enjoy a luxurious stay to your heart’s content.



Please heartillery enjoy
oue cuisines,
selected local ingredients.
These are the specialties
of a chef.

Our chef, Mr. Kashiwagi showed his ability in the Japanese-styled hotel where he has a long history in Minamichita.
He’ll entertain you with delectable cuisines, cooking Matsuska beef, Ise lobster, and so on. Satisfy your tastes and sights with our cuisines.

Here in Saio-no-Miya, we entertain you with Japanese food with a fusion of modern techniques and traditional essence of the Heian period. Experience the theme of romance under the Heian dynasty in Ise.




That makes
women beautiful.

We prepared women special amenities, which is “Detaille la Maison”.

You can have a facial massage, a body massage and aromatherapy.



There is a worth seeing hall reminds you
of a period of Saio.
A gorgeous time travel will begin.

You will see to be full of charm like traditional craft objects,
Japanese traditional stencil designs (Ise paper patterns),
interior decorations of traditional geometrical patterns of Heian period and more.

※Pictures and services may be changed.
※We are not a hot-spring hotel.
※Reference exhibit and pictures courtesy of Saiku Historical Museum 503, Takegawa, Meiwa-cho, Taki-gun, Mie, Japan
TEL 0596-52-3800(代) http://www.bunka.pref.mie.lg.jp/saiku/